Oct 132015

Heroic Archimonde down. I was so excited I messed myself. Also forgot to screen shot it. My bad.

Mar 222015

I repeat we have a Blackhawk down! Whoops, thought I wasn’t a WoW nerd there for a minute, I meant Blackhand down! Anyways Heroics all cleared, starting on mythic, time to raise the repair bills.

Jan 172015

This is pretty damn cool. I am a WoW nerd, and every once in a while it pays off.

Jan 082015

Well we have ventured into the Mythic Raiding in Highmaul, that shit hits hard.  The trash hits like a truck, and we spent some times clearing for trash drops, but it in the end not really worth.  We did get Kargath down, and Gal managed to record the kill..YEAH!  See our other boss kills on his you tube channel.  Here is Kargath kill!

Nov 272014

Raiding in WoD starts next week, and Sentry has done a great job of recruiting raider to get us past full ranks for 20+ man raids.  With normal and Heroics being flexible (and separate lockouts), we should have much for standby if any (we might pull out low DPS on some cases to make bosses easier on flex).   Once we start running Mythic though we will be set to a hard 20.

For progression fights (first couple of times killed) in mythic, we are going to take a roster based on what gives up the best chance of downing the boss.  That will be determined in several ways, combat logs, don’t stand in shit (people who die less), and stuff like that.  In the past we have focused more on total EP, which will still be a factor, but less for mythic.   One factor might also Proving Grounds: Gold in your main spec for Mythic priority, so might want to try that out.

Nov 202014

And it is kick ass.  So far everything is awesome…even the fish.  Garrison are epic, story line enthralling, and the scenery is great, even on my crappy GPU.   First real raid doesn’t open till December 2nd and grats to Untouchable our first person to reach level 100.


PS we did kill Mythic Garrosh, several times.  After 6.0 hit and before the expansion Mythic SoO was pretty easy.   Managed to get out 8 mounts to guildies so that was pretty cool.  For the sake of having the pic, here is a screen shot of the first kill.   Also my first and last toon Selfie (thought I would go main stream).

Oct 192014

And SoO is super nerfed.  For the last few weeks we will try to kill a Mythic Garrosh in hopes of getting a mount or two for some people.  Once WoD hits, we will take a few weeks off to enjoy the leveling (ugh, I have leveling), and start raiding again.  We are recruiting for Mythic and need a few spots to fill.