Don’t you hate it when you are out there raiding with your friends, about ready to score some awesome loot, then BOOM!, your guildie Thok blocks you!!  WTF!!

Well Steel Legion is no longer Thok blocked!  Haven’t taken a screen shot of a boss kill for a while, so thought it would be good for Thok.  Currently 11/14 Heroic in SoO, and have had a few nights on Blackfuse.  So far it is a bitch, so probably will be a couple of weeks working on him.


We are still looking for healers!  8/14 heroic progression.  I know it is lull in WoW now as most people are just waiting for the expansion,but nothing sucks more than trying to rebuild a guild after an expansion as hits, everyone want to enjoy the new content not recruit.  So let’s recruit a little now, so we have plenty of people for expansion to do Flex Heroics and eventually Mythic.


Currently still doing 8/14 heroic bosses a week, considering 2 of our main heals have had recent job changes and can no longer make our raid times, that is still pretty good.  Haven’t killed a new boss in about 4 weeks, but thinking Malkorok or Spoils will go down.   Interested in Heroic Raiding fill out an App or contact Malatov in game.   Also looking to recruit another tank and definitely more people for WoD for Mythic Raiding.

Feb 222014

This is what is really happening when Gabe blames his cat during raiding…..

Update 8/14 heroics in SoO


Here are a few pictures from Blizzcon.  I actually suck at taking pictures and I think  Jazira has better ones on her camera.   In the first picture, try to guess who Rudy is.  Kerrigan is a little blurry, I will try to find one off Jaz phone/camers

Update 4/14 heroics in SoO.



Just like Jazira on prom night.   4 weeks into the tier and we are 11/14 normal.  And so we can get everyone seeing content, we are Flexing the first raid night and clearing that as well.  Though the last few bosses are getting tougher, so they will probably hold us up.  Also might have to just focus on 2 flex raid zone on Wednesday to get into normal faster.   Blizzcon is in about a month, so I might take some pictures of all the nerds I will see there, including Rudolpho.  I might post them on the website for fun.


I figured I haven’t posted anything in a long while, so I should have at least a little update on Raid Progression.  Currently we are 6 bosses on heroic down in Throne of Thunder.  We are making great progress, but 5.4 is just around the corner and the Siege of Orgimmmar looks pretty dame cool.  With summer ending, I will try to be more active in updating the site, especially in November when Jazira, Rudy, and I head off to Blizzcon!


With the influx of all the new recruits, we will surely be back to 25 mans very soon.  However with the new recruits, we need to set up some guidelines for those recruits on how to make it to raider status.    Just as a reminder, recruits are not eligible for gear, unless no one else needs it (if they do get gear it is still EPGP out).  So to make raider status, you will need to satisify a few requirements.  This are just the requirements right now, they are subject to change in the future.

1.  Earn and maintain a 250 EP level.  If you don’t know what that means, click on the right for EPGP system.

2.  Come to raids, Raid Ready.  Raid Ready means have food, flasks, gear enchanted and gemmed, and fully repaired.  I would expect that if it is purple it should be gemmed and enchanted correctly.  Blues, lesser gems or lesser enchant would be sufficent.

3.  Item level for you main spec should be at least 476 for MV, 480+ for HoF.  Again with LFR Heart of Fear out, this is obtainable fairly easy through LFR, Valor Points, and crafting.

4.  Perform well.  Meaning don’t die to the same stupid fire everytime.  We will wipe many times before a bosses dies, but if you are always dying to the same shit over and over, then you are doing it wrong.  Also you should be doing relativly good DPS, or Healing based on your iLevel.  This is why we look at World of Logs.

If you need help with any of these things like DPS rotations, cheap enchants or gems, ask in guild chat that is why we are in the guild for.  Also special thanks to Gabe and Juju who have really been the real recruiters lately.

25 mans have a lot better chance at getting the correct loot out faster, but we need everyone to step up there game up to the correct level.


** In other news (Don’t want to post above yours mala :) )

  • Recruits are welcome to sign up on the Forums, use your in game name you raid with us as. Feel free to ask questions in there as well since others might not always be online when you need something answered :)
  • We are in a grey area right now with ‘Class Officers’, but those that remain and anyone who wants to step up to help can do so as well. If you know your class and all its specs, research each facet of it, feel free to post tips and guides on the Class Forums. Sure you can link EJ and similar, however to some that is a rather long Greek post, so get the basics and core info covered.
  • Also to new comers, the guild makes use of its guild bank each and every raid night. We try to keep it stocked with items needed for setting out feasts, plus have mats to make extra flasks/pots if needed. The mats do not show up by magic so if you have some to spare and want to help out the guild feel free to drop ‘progression’ mats into the bank. By this i mean current MoP herbs, MoP cooking mats that go into any of the feasts(check wowhead if you are unsure), and MoP enchanting mats. The guild bank is not everyone’s personal trash can for odds and ends just taking up bag space… that’s what the vendors are for. If you have items you want to put in but can’t find a spot they would belong, ask Malatov or one of the officers.

Mists is just around the corner, and with a new expansion, we tend to implement rule changes.   We usually only make major changes during expansion times.  This time however the changes will be minimal.  EPGP has been a really successfully system, as gear gets out to the people who put in the most effort, which is what a Gear Point system should do.  Also it show who should recieve the next piece which would dictate priority on bosses.  So with that in mind, I think we will get rid of the ranking system and just have Raiders as a guild level, instead of Legionaires vs Centuarions.

With those changes, we will also implement a few new rules.  Patterns will go to officers first, then free roll to all raiders after that.  Mount drops will no longer be just the 100 and 200 roll, but instead players will roll there total EP score for mounts and vanity gears.  Again the people who raid the most have the best chances, but everyone has a chance.

To get a bigger spread of EP numbers to make the rolls kind of fun, the decay is going to be reduced to 20% a week instead of 25%.  With a lesser decay, the minimum value for EP to get loot will be raised to 250 instead of 200.  If you raid 2 nights a week, you will be above the minimum in 3 weeks and stay above that level.  At 1 night a week, it will take you 8 weeks to get to the minimum, but you will hover around 240 EP points after the decay, meaning a 1 night a week raider will be right on the cusp of that minimum level.  We have always expected our raiders to dedicate at least 2 night a week to raiding, so the spread seems to be right in that area.

With Mists, EPGP will not be reset to zero, otherwise all the raiding we have done in the last month won’t mean much.  What will happen is that Decay at the old rate of 25% will be hit twice on Monday the 24th.  Then for 2 weeks, we will have no guild raids.  If we have enough 90s, we will raid, but not officially till October 9th.  We will resume the normal raid schudule at that time with the new EPGP assumptions.  If you have any questions ask Malatov over vent, in game, or through mail.  See you at 90.


Deathwing dead, doesn’t sound like it should be news, as we have been killing him for months, but now he dead on Heroic Mode.  Now comes the tedious farming of his lame encounter till MOP comes out.  Actually a pretty fun fight, thought significantly easier than Spine Heroic.   We finally got a good pattern down in Phase 2, after basically one night of tries.  Cheers to Untouchable for the first heroic mount.